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A great success, the following is a note from the choir master, Michael Krieger to his singers which very nicely describes how the day transpired.


Dear Saint Nicholas Cathedrals choristers!

Congratulations to all for today's performance.  I wish to thank you one and all for your efforts, work, time and dedication.  This was quite an endeavour!

There was a particularly high level of anxiety, with many people sick, coughing, all being very busy with lots of work.  In short, lots of reasons not to do a concert.

But, the feelings which followed the concert, the sentiment of relief, of accomplishment, reaction from the public, the warmth and emotion felt at the reception - all this together created a wonderful celebration which answered the question: why do a concert?

I wish to thank singers from SS Peter & Paul cathedral in Montreal who took part in the concert.  Also a special thank you to singers from Ottawa who drove down for the dress rehearsal yesterday and who sang with us today.

I wish to thank soloist Anna-Maria Popescu who graciously accepted to take to the stage with us.

A special thank you to all spectators who came to listen to us and who, through their attention and love for Russian Orthodox sacred music, supported our cause.

I do need to underline all efforts which took place behind the scenes, without which such a concert would not be possible.

All printed material - posters, programs, affiches, music binders - are the work of Peter Paganuzzi.  Thank you so much.

All advertising, press releases, interviews, ads on radios and newspapers, ticket sales - is the work of Maria Ignatow-Bandrauk.  Spectators will not simply show up at the doors of the concert hall.  One has to invite them, encourage them, convince them.  This requires a lot of tireless work and perseverence, after which one has to hope that concert day will not be ruined by a snowstorm.  Thank you so much to Manya for her selfless work.

Thank you so much to matushka Sasha for her help in sending out and e-mailing material, announcements and invitations.

Finally, I wish to thank the Sisterhood of St.Nicholas Cathedral for the wonderful reception.  It allows singers and parishioners to meet together, relax, congratulate each other, exchange impressions, and have a good time.


Michael W-K.
27 January 2013

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